Dock Bubblers

Arbrux Dock Bubblers (Dock De-icers) are the solution to protecting your dock, boathouse from ice expansion and ice damage:

250x250-2-0Arbrux marine dock bubblers (also known as dock de-icers have been designed as a high quality, reliable cost effective solution that will protect your dock, boat or boathouse from ice damage. Arbrux marine de-icers (otherwise known as bubblers) are available in a range of sizes with different mounting options to fit your residential or commercial application.

They’re easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain and offer you the assurance in harsh winter conditions that your structure will be protected. Get a quote today to ensure peace of mind this winter.

ARBRUX Dock De-icer Features:

  • Housing protects power cord from propeller damage
  • Strong durable propeller
  • Improved shallow water performance
  • Large intake area prevents fall leaf clogging
  • Powered by a stainless steel, water cooled & water-lubricated submersible motor with stainless steel endbells
  • Mooring rope included with purchase
  • Can be installed after winter freeze by auguring a hole in the ice
  • Arbrux de-icer moves 60% more water than competitor equivalent models

An Arbrux Dock Deicer (also known as a dock bubbler)

Arbrux Warranty:

A 3-year warranty accompanies each de-icer.

Safety Listed & Protected:

Each de-icer is electrically safety tested and listed with ETL

*Note. Performance specifications are gained from empirical data in average conditions where usable heat in the water is adequate.