Pond Aerators

Does your pond have algae?  Does your pond have odour issues?  Arbrux Floating Pond Aerators will bring the WOW back to your pond:

250x250-2-0Arbrux floating pond aerators were created to improve water naturally by oxygenating the water effectively controlling algae, weeds, foul odours and aiding in clarification. They are easy to install, easy to maintain and are a cost effective chemical-free solution.

Our line of floating aerators offers you a choice four different spray patterns and vary in size depending on the functionality your pond requires.  Using a propeller to pump water through a drive structure Arbrux Aerators move large amounts of water keeping your body of water crystal clear, economically and efficiently. Aeration is very important to a pond because it reduces algae, minimizes insects, eliminates many odour problems and can provide a healthy home for aquaculture by preventing stratification where sediments are a problem.

The Mirage aerator can be used in the wintertime as a de-icer for waterfowl, fish or to prevent damage to structures in the water. Pond Aerators Light kits are an excellent addition to your aerator so you can continue to create a dramatic effect at night.  Request a quote today and one of our experts will assist you.  For industrial/commercial aerators please see Industrial Aerators.

Floating Pond Aerator Product Features:

  • Protected propeller– the drive structure ensures that water flow is generous while protecting the unit from foreign objects and the power cord from becoming entangled in the propeller.
  • Strong durable propeller
  • Powered by a stainless steel, water-cooled & water lubricated submersible motor with stainless steel end bells.
  • Mooring rope included with purchase.
  • Optional intake screens are available for all Aerators. When an optional intake screen is used with a pond aerator it will provide supplemental weed and trash protection.

Minimum Water Depths:

1/2 & 1 HP Vertical Mount – 32”
2 HP Vertical Mount- 36”
3 HP Vertical Mount – 40”

Arbrux Warranty:

All Arbrux Floating Aerators come with a 3 year warranty

Safety Listed & Protected:

Each Aerator is electrically safety tested and listed with ETL