Iris Lake Fountain

An elegant bouquet of coiled streams, this lake fountain spray pattern will be avidly desired for your pond or lake!

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Jade Lake Fountain

A center jet sprays upward, bordered by an upturned bell. This lake fountain forms a striking cascade that will complement your pond/ lake!

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Juniper Lake Fountain

An effortless broad upright spray, that opens modestly in a small circle. Its contemporary pattern makes it the perfect lake fountain for narrower ponds/ lakes!

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Orchid Lake Fountain

This exquisite lake fountain features outer jets that encircle a superior central jet. This perfect symmetry makes for a beautiful display on the waterfront!

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Tulip Lake Fountain

With the diverse heights and multi – tiered streaming jets this charming lake fountain would make an impeccable addition to your property!

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Willow Lake Fountain

A three-tiered display broadening widely to create an asterisk shaped pattern on the water’s surface. This lake fountain is sure to capture plenty of attention!

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Lake Fountains

Awake the Lake

Turn a pond or lake into an audio-visual experience. Arbrux floating fountains are used by golf courses, municipalities, corporations, and by home and cottage owners. Six spray patterns in various heights and widths add an interesting, soul soothing water feature to enhance your pond or lake.

Light up the Night

Create a multi colored dramatic effect into the evening hours with Arbrux colored lighting.

Engineered to Perform

All Arbrux products are precision engineered to work flawlessly through all climate extremes for which they are designed. Lake fountains are available in an electrical configuration best suited to your needs, be they residential, municipal, or industrial.

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