Pond Aerators

Clear and Healthy Ponds – Aerated the Chemical Free Way.

Pond aeration adds oxygen to pond water, reducing algae, discouraging water breeding insects such as mosquitoes, and eliminating odor problems associated with stagnant water. Aeration also provides a healthy home for desired aquaculture by preventing stratification in ponds where sedimentation is a problem. Arbrux floating pond aerator bubblers are available in 1/2, 1, 2 and 3 Horse Power motors and move between 500 – 2700 gallons of water per minute. Powerful propellers pump large water volumes through a drive structure into the air, offering an economical and efficient means of keeping any pond crystal clear and healthy.

Mirage Pond Aerator

Mirage Spray Pattern Aerators

The Mirage pond aerator generates bubbles and ripples on pond surfaces. It is great for pond water aeration and where a visual is not desired!

3 HP Lily 1

Lily Spray Pattern Aerators

The Lily pond aerator is less compact than the bell flower, the frothy fountain display covers more surface area at a lower spray height.

1 HP Bellflower 2

Bell Flower Spray Pattern Aerators

The Bell Flower pond aerator provides excellent water aeration plus an eye-catching display of compact water spray.

3 HP Lotus 2 (1)

Lotus Spray Pattern Aerators

The Lotus pond aerator is an excellent water aerator with an open and wide spray pattern.


Aerator Accessories

Intake screens, water deflectors, and outdoor timers add extra protection, functionality, and time of use management to your floating pond aerator.

Industrial Aerator

Industrial Aerators

Heavy duty industrial aerators for water, waste water, and hydrocarbon applications.

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Guides, Manuals, FAQ's, etc. Everything you need to know about our products.

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