Bellflower Aerator

The Bellflower pond aerator has an inverted bell-shaped pattern which offers excellent underwater aeration that will be sure to catch some attention!

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Lily Aerator

The Lily operates as a fountain while aerating and moving large volumes of water through a pond. This double duty pond aerator is worth a double look!

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Lotus Aerator

Lotus’ low spray pattern spreads into a broad, decorative effect. The precision of this pond aerator is pure grace.

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Mirage Aerator

The Mirage pond aerator generates bubbles and ripples on pond surfaces. It is great for ponds where a visual is not desired!

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Pond Aerators

Clear and Healthy Ponds – the Chemical Free Way.

Aeration adds oxygen to pond water, reducing algae, discouraging water breeding insects such as mosquitoes, and eliminating odor problems associated with stagnant water. Aeration also provides a healthy home for desired aquaculture by preventing stratification in ponds where sedimentation is a problem. Arbrux floating pond aerators feature four spray patterns in various sizes, depending on functionality requirements. Powerful propellers pump large water volumes through a drive structure into the air, offering an economical and efficient means of keeping any pond crystal clear and healthy.

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