Create an Aerating Fountain

Create an Aerating Fountain Its easy to create an aerating fountain inexpensively. Simply add a Lotus, Bellflower or Lily spray pattern water deflector to a Mirage aerator.  Its easy to do and simply drops into the top of your aerator and is held in place with two screws to create a new aerating fountain pattern. [...]

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How Aeration Helps with Pond Algae

How Aeration Helps with Pond Algae  Spring is finally here and we are here to describe how Aeration helps with pond Algae!  With that comes the clean-up process of all those fall leaves and debris that have blown around all winter long.   Unfortunately for a pond or lake that can become unhealthy.   Algae, it’s gross, [...]

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Create a Lake Muck Blower Fan

Create a Lake Muck Blower Fan with a Dock Mount Kit and an Arbrux Deicer/Circulator It’s that time of year again when people start heading to their cottages to be near the water! Unfortunately not everyone has a great waterfront...clear water with no weeds. Lots of waterfront properties have silt or muck that just seems [...]

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Made in Canada Pond Aerators

Made in Canada Pond Aerators come in so many variations which make it impossible for us to stock assembled products and hope that the exact variation will soon be ordered. We do stock all the parts to build them! Now allow me to explain why our made in Canada Pond Aerators are made to order. [...]

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Reasons to Consider a Lake Aerator

Lake Aerator with Mirage Pattern Lake Aerator Your waterfront is important and a Lake Aerator will help improve water quality, provide an aesthetic and circulate the water to prevent stagnation. You could have the most beautifully kept property, but if your lake front is foul smelling, algae covered or swarming with annoying bugs [...]

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It’s all About Balance- Pond Balance

Pond Aeration Balance is critical to the aquatic ecosystem and without pond aeration your pond or lake will suffer. Three things to keep in mind; Keeping your pond going strong with proper pond balance Oxygenation: A great aeration system easily adds oxygen back into the pond/lake. Nutrients: This has a direct impact on the aquatic [...]

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