What is a Fountain Spray Pattern?

Ok, so you own a pond or lake and feel a floating fountain would be a great addition and a beautiful visual display. But, do you hear lots of floating fountains, spray patterns, and nozzle types. How are you supposed to understand the difference? Well, actually our nozzles are what create the different spray patterns [...]

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How Deicers Prevent Winter Fish Kill

Winter can be a loved or hated season for many reasons. Some people love that it’s the season of skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling. Some people hate that it takes additional time to get ready and bundled up just to leave the house. One thing that everyone can agree on is that it comes with freezing [...]

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Proper Winter Storage for Your Lake Fountain & Pond Aerator

By now, most of you understand how your lake fountain and pond aerator help to keep your pond oxygenated. However, some people may not know that our pumps are water filled and lubricated, and therefore could turn dysfunctional if the temperatures reach freezing point. To ensure the utmost lifespan of your floating lake fountain or [...]

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The Benefits of Aeration

How Aeration can make the World of a Difference in your Pond or Lake.. Read on for the Benefits of Aeration... It’s pretty obvious that we need a continuous supply of fresh oxygen to survive. But, did you know that so does your pond, and the life in your pond? While oxygen is easy to [...]

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How to Prepare Your Pond for Fall

Fall is just around the corner (first day of it is Sept 23rd!) are you and your pond prepared? Transitioning Your Pond Knowing how to transition your pond throughout the different seasons is very important. As air temperatures begin to drop, so do water temperatures which subsequently alter the needs of the fish living in [...]

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The Importance of Product Manuals

Purchasing a large piece of equipment for your property's water feature is a big decision. While many spend a good deal of time in the pre-purchase process, few take the time to research the post-purchase steps that you really should complete. Namely, you need to register your purchase and ensure you have a copy of [...]

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How to Protect Your Dock Against Harsh Winter Conditions

Thanksgiving weekend is almost upon us, signalling to many that snow-filled days are near. While freshly fallen snow sure is beautiful, it also comes hand-in-hand with an unwelcome foe: ice! Ice damage can be a serious threat, capable of causing damage to lake houses, docks and boats if not properly prepared. Before the weather drops [...]

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Quality vs. Price when Purchasing a Fountain, Aerator, or Deicer

When making a purchasing decision, price always plays a large role. Everyone wants the best quality for the lowest price possible. However, it can be difficult to find since low prices often come at the expense of quality. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a product; How long do I expect this product [...]

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