Reasons to Consider a Lake Aerator

Lake Aerator with Mirage Pattern Your waterfront is important and a Lake Aerator will help improve water quality, provide an aesthetic and circulate the water to prevent stagnation. You could have the most beautifully kept property, but if your lake front is foul smelling, algae covered or swarming with annoying bugs you are [...]

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How to Ensure an Easy Installation for Your Large Lake Fountains?

Lake Fountain Features We are always looking at innovative ways to ensure ease of installation for our lake fountain customers. Floating Fountain 3 Horsepower Jade Installing Lake Fountains In order to ensure the ease of your Fountains installation we designed a wheeled installation system that is an option on our 2 to 10 [...]

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It’s all About Balance- Pond Balance

Pond Aeration Balance is critical to the aquatic ecosystem and without pond aeration your pond or lake will suffer. Three things to keep in mind; Keeping your pond going strong with proper pond balance Oxygenation: A great aeration system easily adds oxygen back into the pond/lake. Nutrients: This has a direct impact on the aquatic [...]

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Arbrux Dock Bubbler Systems

Arbrux Dock Bubbler Systems We make our propeller driven  dock bubbler systems to last because protecting your dock is important. They use stainless steel motors, mounts and power cables that remain flexible in extremely cold conditions. Deicers/ Bubblers top view Arbrux dock bubbler systems for dock and boathouse de-icing have the following features: [...]

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When to Install your De-icer

When to Install your Dock Deicer A Dock Deicer is meant to prevent ice from forming and keep the water circulated in a specific area. Dock Deicers, also known as bubblers or aerators, are often used by people trying to protect their dock, boathouse or boat from ice damage, or people use them in their [...]

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How Dock De-Icers Can Protect Your Water front Property in Winter

Dock Ice Protection Dock Ice Protection is needed during harsh winter conditions which can wreak havoc on your marine property due to the strong winds. Blinding snow and dropping temperatures lead to the formation of ice around your dock, boathouse. The simple addition of a quality marine de-icer will prevent the formation of ice around [...]

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