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What safety measures should I take if I have a bubbler?

We are often asked about safety measures for dock bubblers. Arbrux Limited recommends that precautions be taken around open water and thin ice. Please install appropriate signage, lights, fencing, or other safety notices or devices to inform the general public of any potential danger. Please be aware that alternate safety measures may be required by [...]

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Are floating pond aerators noisy?

Our old style Aerators used to get some comments that they were a bit noisy. However, we have changed the design of our floating aerators and now they are very quiet. They move just as much water as before, but all you hear is the splashing of the water now! The smallest model moves 500 [...]

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How do I determine the size of pond aerator I require?

Arbrux manufactures pond aerators from ½HP to 3 HP, therefore its important to properly size an aeration system for your specific pond. Sizing is not an exact science since ponds vary in shape, depth and water quality, all factors to take into consideration when your are choosing the size and number of aerators required to [...]

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