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Reasons to Consider a Lake Aerator

Lake Aerator with Mirage Pattern Your waterfront is important and a Lake Aerator will help improve water quality, provide an aesthetic and circulate the water to prevent stagnation. You could have the most beautifully kept property, but if your lake front is foul smelling, algae covered or swarming with annoying bugs you are [...]

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It’s all About Balance- Pond Balance

Pond Aeration Balance is critical to the aquatic ecosystem and without pond aeration your pond or lake will suffer. Three things to keep in mind; Keeping your pond going strong with proper pond balance Oxygenation: A great aeration system easily adds oxygen back into the pond/lake. Nutrients: This has a direct impact on the aquatic [...]

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Winter Storage for Your Lake Fountain & Pond Aerator

Lake Fountain & Pond Aerator Winter Storage To ensure the utmost lifespan of your floating lake fountain & pond aerator winter storage is important. It is best to store pumps somewhere above freezing point during the winter season. By now, most of you understand how your lake fountain & pond aerator winter storage will help [...]

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The Benefits of Aeration

Pond Aerators How pond aerators can make the World of a Difference in your Pond or Lake.. Read on for the Benefits of Aeration with pond aerators... It’s pretty obvious that we need a continuous supply of fresh oxygen to survive. But, did you know that so does your pond, and the life in your [...]

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The Importance of Product Manuals

Fountain, Aerator and De-icer Bubbler Manuals Purchasing a large piece of equipment for your property's water feature is a big decision. While many spend a good deal of time in the pre-purchase process, few take the time to research the post-purchase steps that you really should complete. Namely, you need to register your purchase and [...]

Quality when Purchasing a Fountain, Aerator, or Deicer

Fountain, Aerator and Bubbler Quality When making a purchasing decision, price always plays a large role. Everyone wants the best quality for the lowest price possible. However, it can be difficult to find since low prices often come at the expense of quality. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a product; How long [...]

Considerations When Purchasing a Lake Fountain or Pond Aerator

CONSIDERATIONS WHEN PURCHASING A LAKE FOUNTAIN OR POND AERATOR At Arbrux Manufacturing our first priority is our customer and we know that when making large purchases such as a lake fountain or pond aerator you want to choose a great quality product that is long lasting and fits your budget. One of the things we [...]

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