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Water Fountain for Lakes with refined spray patterns

Arbrux Manufacturing manufactures water fountain for lakes. Arbrux Manufacturing, the leading designer and manufacturer of water fountain for lakes, has many models and spray patterns of Lake Fountains. The available spray patterns are a result of customer feedback received over the years. Water Fountain for Lakes "Every year, we evaluate our process and [...]

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Made in Canada Pond Fountains

Our made in Canada pond Fountains come in so many variations which make it impossible for us to stock assembled products and hope that the exact variation will soon be ordered. We however stock the parts to build them. Now allow me to explain why our made in Canada pond fountains are made to order. [...]

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What is a Fountain Spray Pattern?

Floating Pond Fountain Spray Patterns Ok, so you own a pond or lake and feel a floating fountain would be a great addition and a beautiful visual display. But, do you hear lots of floating fountains, spray patterns, and nozzle types. How are you supposed to understand the difference? Well, actually our nozzles are what [...]

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Winter Storage for Your Lake Fountain & Pond Aerator

Lake Fountain & Pond Aerator Winter Storage To ensure the utmost lifespan of your floating lake fountain & pond aerator winter storage is important. It is best to store pumps somewhere above freezing point during the winter season. By now, most of you understand how your lake fountain & pond aerator winter storage will help [...]

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The Importance of Product Manuals

Fountain, Aerator and De-icer Bubbler Manuals Purchasing a large piece of equipment for your property's water feature is a big decision. While many spend a good deal of time in the pre-purchase process, few take the time to research the post-purchase steps that you really should complete. Namely, you need to register your purchase and [...]