Create a Lake Muck Blower Fan with a Dock Mount Kit and an Arbrux Deicer/Circulator

It’s that time of year again when people start heading to their cottages to be near the water! Unfortunately not everyone has a great waterfront…clear water with no weeds. Lots of waterfront properties have silt or muck that just seems to keep building up over time. You can create a lake muck blower fan easily. Arbrux dock mount kits with accompanying deicer/circulator help with this problem.  Just mount it to your dock with the adjustable dock mount kit and start blowing away that muck.  You can use our dock mount with your existing Arbrux deicer or purchase as a unit.  It is fully adjustable up and down and swivels easily by just loosening off a quick bolt, turning, and re-tightening.

As well as moving the silt or muck you are adding oxygen back into the water.   This helps with the breakdown of the leaves on the bottom, reducing that muck in the first place.  Just remember, it took years of cycles of leaves falling and sinking to the bottom to create this muck, it may take a bit of work to get it back.

Things to consider when using a lake muck blower

It is always good to check with your local authorities as well to be certain you are allowed to do this.  As well, while you may like the idea of getting rid of all that muck, please be courteous to your neighbours and not blow it in their direction.


Arbrux deicer/circulators are made in Canada and use a stainless steel motor and mount. They are available in either 120v or 230v power with 7.5m(24.6’), 15m(49.2’) and 30m(98.4’) power cables.   Arbrux dock mount kits are heavy duty and made with marine grade aluminum and come with mounting lags for docks equipped with a side board.  For truss docks, a backing plate would be required to mount the bracket.

Lake muck blower

Lake Muck Blower angled to surface

Lake Muck Blower

Lake muck blower shown before lowering into water


Available Lengths

Dock mount kits are available in a 5’ length with an easy rotary adjust feature and also available in 5’ or 6’ lengths with fixed rotation.