Create an Aerating Fountain

Its easy to create an aerating fountain inexpensively. Simply add a Lotus, Bellflower or Lily spray pattern water deflector to a Mirage aerator.  Its easy to do and simply drops into the top of your aerator and is held in place with two screws to create a new aerating fountain pattern.

Mirage Pond Aerator 1 Horsepower

Pond Aerator with Mirage Pattern, 1 Horsepower

Bellflower Aerating Fountain 1 Horsepower

Bellflower Aerating Fountain, 1 Horsepower

Lily Aerating Fountain 1 Horsepower

Lily Aerating Fountain, 1 Horsepower

Lotus Aerating Fountain 1 Horsepower

Lotus Aerating Fountain, 1 Horsepower







An aerating fountain is a chemical free way to circulate, aerate and create a nice decorative water feature.

Preventing algae growth

The best way to eliminate  and prevent pond algae is to first understand what algae are and how they grow. The term ‘algae’ encompasses a group of simple plants exceptionally skilled at making the best of available conditions to reproduce rapidly. Some of the suggestions below will help reduce algae.

  • First of all remove leaves, debris and decaying underwater plants thereby reducing nutrients for algae growth.
  • Install an aerator to  keep the water oxygenated and flowing.

The Most Effective Solution

It is clear that an increase in oxygen content helps organic matter break down which stunts algae growth. The most effective solution to eliminate algae is to install a stable aeration system. If you create a fountain aerator it will keep the pond aerated and circulated. The circulation keeps the water fresh and fish active. They move large volumes of water, thereby adding oxygen into your pond. This provides oxygen into the depths of your pond. By keeping the water in regular circulation Fountain Aerators are a permanent solution for algae.

The main difference between Fountain Aerators and Fountains is that fountain aerators move a lot more water. By doing this they in turn, produce a lot more oxygen and circulation than fountains do.