Bubbler De-icer applications

Dock de-icers (also known as Dock Bubblers) are commonly used to prevent ice damage to docks but they are used in a number of applications. Bubbler De-icer Applications are shown in images below showing the Arbrux bubbler de-icer in action. To get more information view our dock de-icer brochure.

Bubbler De-icer applications in Marina

De-icers/ Bubblers in Marina 

Protecting Marina’s from winter ice damage. Winter ice can cause extensive damage in marinas if the ice pack expands and moves around damaging expensive structures. Bubbler De-icers prevent this damage by keeping an area of ice open relieving the forces that ice can cause. They also allow boats to be launched earlier in the spring to get a jump on the busy spring season.
Industrial Bubbler De-icer Applications

Bubbler De-icers protecting a tailings pond barge

Our industrial Bubbler De-icers remove ice from around barges allowing production to carry on in the winter months. We make models with hard usage industrial power cables that are removable for maintenance. They are available in all common North American voltages. Process pipelines, barges, dredges or any structure requiring an ice free area can use Arbrux Bubbler De-icers.
Boat Bubbler De-icer Applications

Protecting a Boat from winter ice

Allowing boats to remain in water during winter can save substantial amounts of cost. This can be done for boats that are to large to lift with a crane. Many large boat owners may live aboard in the winter or leave in the water for other reasons. This will allow them to stay clear of ice and prevent damage.

Dock Bubbler De-icer applications

Dock Bubbler De-icer

Docks and Boathouses require ice protection if in an are that experiences ice that expands, lifts, lowers or moves in any way. Ice can exert massive forces that most structures are not capable of withstanding. If water is too shallow for deicing float mount options are available to mount deicers in deeper water to protect the dock or boathouse.