How to keep Ice Away with Dock Deicers/ Bubblers

De-Icer Bubbler to keep Ice Away

De-Icer Bubbler to keep Ice Away

De-icers are the ultimate dock, boathouse or boat protection to keep ice away. Winter can take quite the toll on your pond or lake, leaving the possibility of severe dock and/or boat ice damage. Water freezes which can expand or move which can damage pilings, cribs and other wooden structures by the dock. When you own property on a lake that freezes, as winter approaches each year you are faced with a couple options. You can do nothing and hope for the best. You can put your boat into storage and remove your dock from the water (if you have somewhere to put them, which can be costly) or you can leave the boat and/or dock where they are and protect them by installing a dock de-icing system. Deicers really are inexpensive insurance to keep ice away and help prevent winter ice damage.

How an Arbrux De-icer Works

The de-icer/ bubblers high speed propeller brings the warmer, deep water to the surface creating open water. It is powered by a stainless steel, water-cooled & water-lubricated submersible motor. The stainless steel motor mount protects the power cord from propeller damage and it can be installed in an augured hole.

Benefits of an Arbrux De-icer

In most cases an Arbrux de-icer/ bubbler is placed at a 5 foot depth and will keep a 40 foot circle of water ice free during extremely cold temperatures. Our de-icers will move anywhere from 500 to 1800 gallons of water per minute!

Do You Have Temperature Controllers and timers?

We offer 2 types of controllers – a thermostat temperature controller and a 120V Timer. You can install each separately or can install both and use temperature to control your bubbler and also running time.

What is the Cost of Running a De-icer?

Of course people want to know what they’re getting into before making any purchase. And, in this case, it’s usually ‘What is the cost of running my de-icer?’

The following formula can be used to figure out power cost for your area.

Cost per hour= Kilowatts x cost per kilowatt/ hour.

Example: If your bubbler consumes 0.91Kw and you pay 5 cents per kilowatt/ hour then the cost per hour would be 0.91×0.05=4.55 cents per hour or if run for a full 24 hours it would be $1.09. In areas with ‘time of use hydro rates’, the same formula will work if you calculate the cost for each block of time and add them to get your daily total.

Who Requires Dock De-icers

Dock de-icers are primarily sought after by dock or boathouse owners, people who are either trying to protect their boathouse or dock. Arbrux also offers Industrial deicers; which are heavy duty, high quality and cost effective. These de-icers have been used in the most ruthless winter conditions from the Northwest Territories to Alaska!