Dock Ice Protection

Dock Ice Protection is needed during harsh winter conditions which can wreak havoc on your marine property due to the strong winds. Blinding snow and dropping temperatures lead to the formation of ice around your dock, boathouse.

Dock Ice Protection

Dock Ice Protection


The simple addition of a quality marine de-icer will prevent the formation of ice around your dock, boathouse or boat. Yet every winter season, owners incur countless dollars of costly repairs by not protecting their marine property against the following threats:

Threat #1: Ice-Jacking

Docks and boathouses are particularly vulnerable since ice forms around the dock pilings. As water levels and tides fluctuate, dock pilings can buckle or be pulled out of the ground, causing extensive damage to your entire dock or boathouse.

Ice jacking damage is often costly, resulting in the replacement of pilings and entire sections of docks.

Threat #2: Floating Ice

Ice that forms around a boathouse or dock can shift based on the water current and wind. This can result in ice causing serious structural damage to your boathouse or dock.

Threat #3: Ice Expansion

You boathouse or dock is extremely vulnerable to the forces of nature. Once the lake begins to freeze, the ice expansions can literally compress your boathouse or dock. Ice that forms has the potential to damage the cribs or pilings as it expands.

The Good News: De-icers Protect Your Dock, Boathouse and Boats

You’ll be relieved to hear these threats are easily preventable with the installation of a quality marine dock de-icer from Arbrux Manufacturing.

Arbrux de-icers are not only the simplest solution; they’re also the most cost effective!
Protect your marine investments this winter with an Arbrux dock de-icer.

Once installed, a de-icer circulates the warmer water from the bottom of the lake to the surface. This creates a barrier of slightly warmer moving water that prevents ice from forming. Without ice, the risks and damage associated with ice jacking and ice expansion are eliminated.