Lake Fountain Features

We are always looking at innovative ways to ensure ease of installation for our lake fountain customers.

Floating Lake Fountain 3 Horsepower Jade

Floating Fountain 3 Horsepower Jade

Installing Lake Fountains

In order to ensure the ease of your Fountains installation we designed a wheeled installation system that is an option on our 2 to 10 horsepower fountains. This makes installing your fountain simpler and it will save you time.


  • Oversized wheels
  • Easy launch & removal
  • Easy to store
  • Flow sleeve provides increase motor cooling
  • Large stainless steel intake screen
  • Horizontally mounted (depth of water required is less)

Very little assembly is required.

Installation Steps

Run power cable to exit at bottom center of frame. Fasten and protect as necessary.

Fasten intake screen on the end of flow sleeve with 3 fasteners and washers.

Lake Floating Fountain intake Screen

Lake Floating Fountain intake Screen

You are ready to launch your fountain in the water.

Moor fountain with ropes to shore or anchors and run power cable to shore.

Lake Fountain 2 to 10 HP wheel mount mooring diagram

Lake Fountain 2 to 10 HP wheel mount mooring diagram

Connect the Power

Lake Fountain Control Panel

Fountain Control Panel ( Single Phase model shown)

You’re Done… Time to Enjoy the View!

3 Horsepower Willow Lake Fountain

3 Horsepower Willow Fountain