How Aeration Helps with Pond Algae

 Spring is finally here and we are here to describe how Aeration helps with pond Algae!  With that comes the clean-up process of all those fall leaves and debris that have blown around all winter long.   Unfortunately for a pond or lake that can become unhealthy.   Algae, it’s gross, it’s smelly and in abundance, it’s not healthy! Too much sunlight and low oxygen levels and an overload of nutrients causes Algae.  It is not only normal, but essential to have some good algae in your pond, but when it starts to spread and becomes too obvious, that is when you have a problem.

How a pond Aerator is needed for Algae

A pond in need of Aeration with too much Algae

How a pond Aerator helps with Algae

How a pond Aerator helps with Algae hours after installation. The Algae will be eliminated with more running time.

Pond Algae Cleanup

Although some of these factors are beyond your control, not all of them are. Too much organic matter buildup in your pond helps cause algae. Simply clearing out leaves and other larger debris will make a big difference. Removing debris is not only visually appealing, but also quite important for regular pond health.

How Aeration helps with Pond Algae

The next issue would be getting the oxygen back into your pond. Anytime the water moves or is disturbed is great because this allows oxygen back into it. However, hoping for windy days and waves isn’t always the best option. Sometimes, your pond could use a little help; it may need some extra support from you.  Here is where we can help, by adding a Floating Surface Aerator! Our Aerators range between ½ – 3 HP, moving between 500- 2700 gallons of water every minute!

Aeration adds oxygen to pond water, reducing algae, discouraging water breeding insects such as mosquitoes, and eliminating odor problems associated with stagnant water. Aeration also provides a healthy home for desired aquaculture by preventing stratification in ponds where sedimentation is a problem.

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