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Ice formation on lakes, ponds and rivers is a natural occurrence throughout Canada and the Northern United States from late fall to spring. But ice can cause extensive and costly damage to marine structures & equipment, and some industrial processes require the flow of ice-free water all winter.

If you’re a marina owner, plant engineer, maintenance manager, logistics manager, environmental manager, or a marine engineer, you will want to protect company assets in the winter and prevent down-time.

An Arbrux deicer is inexpensive insurance against the risk of ice damage or interuption in commerical services or industrial work.

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  • Learn about the process of ice formation

  • Find out how a deicer works and how it’s different from an air bubbler

  • Review specifications for deicers and see why Arbrux deicers are considered the toughest on the market

  • Learn about industrial and commercial applications of deicer technology

Arbrux deicers are quality engineered using stainless steel parts, easy to install, and virtually maintenance free. Buy direct from the manufacturer and save.

The Industrial and Commercial Deicer/ Bubbler Guide

This Guide will explain how deicers can protect industrial and commercial equipment, assets and processes.

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