LED Fountain Lights

If you’re installing a floating lake or pond fountain as a key feature in your landscape design, then considered the added impact and entertainment value of adding clear or coloured LED lights. Your guests, friends and family will enjoy the effect of seeing your fountain’s water spray transformed to a colour at night. You can choose to have all the kit lights in one colour or mix them up to create your own lighting effect.


It’s easy to install Arbrux lights to your floating fountain or aerator, and all our light kits are built with quality components to the Arbrux standards you trust.

Did you know you can also purchase individual LED submersible lights for reflecting pools or to add lighting to a shoreline or dock? These individual units come in the same colour options; red, blue, green, amber, and clear.

Traditional halogen lighting for Arbrux products is still and option, but we think you’ll be interested in our new LED lights when you learn more about the benefits, including; energy efficiency, robustness, and light quality. LED lights pay for themselves when you look at product lifecycles versus halogen.

If you have any questions about lighting your fountain or aerator, just give us a call and we’d be pleased to help. 1-888-211-3548