A Pond Aerator

How a pond aerator can make the World of a Difference in your Pond or Lake.. Read on for the Benefits of Aeration with pond aerators…

It’s pretty obvious that we need a continuous supply of fresh oxygen to survive. But, did you know that so does your pond, and the life in your pond? While oxygen is easy to get on land and in flowing water, the dynamics change in still water bodies, like ponds and lakes. Your backyard pond may have its fill of fish and plants, but if there is a lack of fresh oxygen, it could result in disaster! It may lead to the death of the fish living in the pond, as well as the plants and could cause serious algae buildup. That is where a pond aerator comes into play.

Lake water naturally stratifies (when the water separates in three layers) when there is a change in the temperature at different depths in the lake, and is due to the change in water’s density with temperature. We are challenged by problems caused by lake and pond thermal stratification. Fish die-offs have been directly associated with stagnation and ice cover.

This is because water cools at the surface and sinks (cold water is denser) whereby relatively warmer water comes up. The water in the bottom layer, now almost rid of fish which struggle to remain near the surface, starts getting stale and dull, eventually affecting the entire pond.

Benefits of Aerators

A Pond aerator ensure a constant movement of pond water, continually mixing the water and rotating where it sits. As the water mixes around, the temperature becomes more consistent throughout the pond and fish now have more room to roam freely. A proper pond aeration system further increases circulation, prevents algae, and reduces carbon dioxide levels. In a nutshell, they liven up the pond.

Arbrux Aerators

Arbrux has developed Aerators that can move between 500- 2700 gallons of water every minute! This all depends on the horsepower of the pump. Our Pond Aerators come in ½, 1, 2, and 3 HP units. They use a propeller to pump water and are powered by stainless steel water cooled and water lubricated submersible motors with all stainless steel motor mount. We also have 4 available water spray patterns, which gives you the look and functionality you desire.

Points to Remember

Remember that plants in your pond should be in sufficient amounts, without taking over your pond. The decomposition of twigs, leaves and dead fish will only happen if there is a sufficient oxygen supply in your pond. Pond aerators can help you achieve that.

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