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Arbrux Pond Fountain Benefits

  • Commercial Quality

  • Excellent Value

  • Direct from the Manufacturer

  • Easy Installation

  • Optional LED Lighting Kits

  • Six Different Spray Patterns

  • Combinations up to 10HP, 42′ Spray Height & 42′ Spray Diameter

All Arbrux pond fountain are precision engineered to work flawlessly through all climate extremes for which they are designed.

Pond fountains are built with quality components like stainless steel submersible pump motors, and are virtually maintenance free.

As the manufacturer we believe making products that are easy to install, easy to use, and last for years.

Featured Fountains

Why should you choose an Arbrux Floating Pond Fountain?

Turn ponds into a beautiful experience with a floating pond fountain.  Arbrux floating fountains are used by private estates, golf courses, municipalities, corporations, and by home and cottage owners.

Six spray patterns are available in various heights and widths. Floating Fountains make a spectacular visual statement and they improve the quality of your pond or lake, through water circulation and oxygenation.

The show doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Arbrux floating fountains have optional underwater lighting kits to create a dramatic effect into the evening hours. If people are enjoying your property at night, an lighting kit is a perfect addition to your Lake Fountain package. Imagine evening photos taken in front of a water fountain in your pond.

At Arbrux we have over three decades of experience supplying our products to a huge variety of applications. Private & Residential, Municipal, Commercial & Industrial, Golf & Community… we have seen it all!  We welcome all inquiries and are willing to work with  you to come up with a solution to fit your specific needs.

We offer competitive pricing that only a manufacturer selling direct – without a middleman or a supply chain – can offer