What is wrong with my Lake Fountain? Why won’t my Pond Aerator run properly? We are here to help with your pond fountain and aerator troubleshooting.

We like to help as much as we can, and we will do our best to try and troubleshoot over the phone, however with us not being there to witness the installation process or when something isn’t working, troubleshooting over the phone can be sometimes tricky.

Not to worry! We have created a great troubleshooting guide to help you with any of your Lake Fountain or Pond Aerator issues that could potentially arise.

Some of the most common questions/issues;

  • Motor won’t run
  • GFCI on the Circuit trips
  • Motor runs and then overload kicks off
  • Motor runs and no water is pumped
Pond Fountain and Aerator Guide Book

Pond Fountain and Aerator Guide Book

The product manual answers these questions in the product specific troubleshooting guide section. Every product shipment will always include them, but if they ever get lost, you can email us and we can send you a new one, or visit our FAQ section of our website.

Still stumped? Then call us toll free for technical support.

We have created these troubleshooting guides in order to help you out. We want our customers to have the easiest of installations and, if anything does go wrong, an easy time trying to figure out a solution.

At Arbrux, we strive on offering the best of the best. The best products and the best support!