Arbrux Manufacturing Launches Improved Spray Patterns for Lake Fountains

Arbrux Manufacturing responds to customer feedback to provide an improved lake fountain spray pattern.

Arbrux Manufacturing, the leading designer and manufacturer of floating lake fountains, pond aerators and marine dock de-icers, has announced an update to their line of lake fountain spray patterns set to launch January 1, 2013. The improved spray patterns are a result of customer feedback received over the past year.

“Every year, we evaluate our process and listen to our customers. We’re continuously looking for opportunities to stay at the forefront of design and be able to provide our customers with an outstanding product,” said Peter Barbe, President, Arbrux Manufacturing.  “Our updated spray patterns, new brochures and image gallery offer customers the ability to make an informed decision as to which is the right aesthetic statement they wish to make in their lake or pond.”

The new spray patterns feature a 3-year warranty and a more defined and accurate spray pattern that produces less mist while withstanding windy conditions to maintain a beautiful design. The 2HP, 3HP and 5HP models feature a cart mount flow sleeve with integral intake screen. The 1/2HP models feature lower pricing.

An image gallery showcasing each floating fountain and pond aerator spray pattern offered at every horsepower can be viewed by visiting the Arbrux Manufacturing website. For detailed brochures, please call Arbrux toll free at 888-211-3548 or visit

About Arbrux Manufacturing

Arbrux Manufacturing has designed and manufactured high quality, reliable and cost effective floating lake fountains, pond aerators and dock de-icers (also known as dock bubblers) since 1979. Products can be used in virtually every application whether residentially, commercially or in an industrial setting.

Arbrux Manufacturing is dedicated to creating the WOW factor with their floating lake fountains, pond aerators and dock de-icers. For an online quote direct from the manufacturer, visit

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