Deicer Bubbler To Prevent Winter Fish Kill

Winter can be a loved or hated season for many reasons. Some people love that it’s the season of skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling. Some people hate that it takes additional time to get ready and bundled up just to leave the house. One thing that everyone can agree on is that it comes with freezing weather! Pond owners have additional things to worry or think about. Underneath the frozen surface, aquatic plants and fish start getting starved of sunlight and oxygen and begin to die. Thankfully, a single device can safeguard the pond from Winter fish kill; De-icers/ Bubblers!

What Leads to Winter Fish Kill?

winter fish killThe air from decomposition at the bottom of the pond and the air exhaled by fish remain trapped within the pond, turning into harmful gases. Fish have a lower metabolic rate in winter and become less active. Without the oxygen and sunlight, they have a higher risk of dying. But, there is a way to help! Creating an ice-free zone on the surface in which oxygen and sunlight can get in for the fish to properly breath would make a world of a difference; de-icers to the rescue!

The Purpose of De-icers

Deicers are designed to bring up the warmer water from the bottom. As the water rises, the warmer, more oxygenated water can spread. The warm water, brought to the surface is driven further from the de-icer, thus pushing the ice-sheets away. Significantly, even if 2% of the surface is ice-free, it can prevent fish kill. The trapped harmful gases get a release and fresh oxygen enlivens the fish and other aquatic beings in the pond.

What if the Ice is already Frozen?

In case the pond is completely frozen at the surface, you are going to need to auger a hole. You can also use a chainsaw to cut a hole and then push the ice patch down below the waters surface.

Deicer Location

The deicer should be kept in the deep region of the pond, 3-5 ft below the surface. A minimum of a 1’ clearance from the bottom of the de-icer to the lake bed is necessary to ensure the units performance.