Industrial Floating Surface Aerators and Deicer Bubblers

Arbrux’s industrial line was developed to protect assets on or in the water through all weather conditions. Our products can be placed in large storage tanks to maintain circulation and prevent separation of components. All models use a propeller system that moves the water through a drive structure for the high flow rates.

Arbrux has supplied de-icers / aerators to these world-class energy and mining companies.

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Industrial Aerators

Arbrux industrial aerators cool and oxygenate the water with high flow rates that propel the water into the air forming small droplets that absorb oxygen.  The flow rates depending on the model vary from 500-2700 gallons per minute for each aerator.  Oxygenation removes stagnation, harmful bacteria, foul odors, algae, and insects.  Industrial uses include tailings ponds, retention ponds, clarification ponds, process lagoons, and large storage tanks.  Industrial aerators are available in a pollution recovery model that can be used in applications involving hydrocarbons.

Industrial De-icers/ Bubblers

Arbrux industrial de-icers/ bubblers remove ice from around large structures, barges, boats, dams, and storage tanks.  These cost effective units have been proven to last for years to come even in the harshest Canadian winters.  De-icers/ bubblers operate by moving high volumes of water from the deeper warmer water to create an ice free opening at the surface of the body of water.

Safety Listed and Protected

Each product is electrically safety tested and listed with ETL to CSA and UL standards.

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