Floating Fountains

Arbrux Floating Fountains

are powered by maintenance free stainless steel motors and pumps. 1/2 to 10 HP models are available to enhance your pond or lake. Six floating fountain spray patterns available for all pump sizes. The smallest is six feet high and up to 46 feet high for larger ponds and lakes requiring a bigger floating pond or lake fountain. Mooring ropes are included for all models. 1/2 horsepower pond fountains are plug and play while 1 to 10 horsepower lake fountains come equipped with a weatherproof lockable control panel that includes ground fault protection, timer and motor starter. Optional lighting controls are available for all models. We create some of the best floating pond lake fountain spray patterns for maintaining their shape in windy conditions to maintain their beauty. Arbrux floating fountains are Underwriter Laboratories(UL) and Canadian Standards Association(CSA) approved and have been made in Canada since 1979.