Pond Aerator

A floating surface Pond Aerator

generates bubbles, circulating current and ripples on pond surfaces and improves the quality of your pond water.

The Arbrux Mirage pond aerator spray pattern is a low profile pattern. With a 1/2 HP motor the aerator spray height is 2 feet and the width is approximately 2.5 feet. All our pond aerators are built with quality components, virtually  maintenance free, and made to last.

Pond Aerator Product Features:

  • Protected propeller – the stainless steel aerator motor mount ensures that water flow is generous while protecting the unit from foreign objects and the power cord from becoming entangled in the propeller.
  • Strong durable high impact propeller
  • Powered by a stainless steel, water-cooled & water lubricated submersible motor.
  • Mooring ropes included with purchase.
  • Optional intake screens are available for all aerators. When an optional intake screen is used with a pond aerator it will provide additional weed, fish, and trash protection.