1/2 HP Mirage Aerator Hardwired Standard Duty Power Cable

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The Mirage pond aerator generates bubbles and ripples on pond surfaces, circulates and improves the quality of your pond water.

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The Mirage pond aerator generates bubbles and ripples on pond surfaces and improves the quality of your pond water. This Made in Canada Mirage Pond Aerator is sure to capture plenty of attention!

The Arbrux Mirage pond aerator spray pattern is a low profile pattern. With a 1/2 HP motor the aerator spray height is 2 feet and the width is approximately 2.5 feet. All pond aerators are built with quality components. They are virtually maintenance free and built to last.

Mirage Pond Aerator Product Features:

  • The propeller is protected by the aerator motor mount. It provides generous water flow and protects the unit from large foreign objects.
  • Strong durable high impact propeller
  • Powered by a stainless steel, water-cooled & water lubricated submersible motor.
  • Mooring ropes included with purchase.
  • Optional intake screens are available for all aerators. The optional intake screen is used with a pond aerator and it will provide additional weed, fish, and trash protection.

Installation is quick and easy.

  1. Bolt pump motor mount to float with supplied fasteners.
  2. Turn the float over and put it in the upright position.
  3. You are ready to launch aerator in the water.
  4. Bring aerator to the desired location, tie the mooring ropes to the float and fasten ropes to shore posts or anchors. Alternatively cement block anchors can be used in bottom of pond.
  5. Run power cable to shore.
  6. Plug aerator in to outdoor receptacle.
  7. You’re done. Time to enjoy!

Additional information

Spray Pattern Height

2 Feet

Spray Pattern Diameter

2.5 Feet

Minimum Water Depth

32 inches

Power Cord Length

49.2 feet(15m), 98.4 feet(30m)

Available Power

110V/115V/120V (single phase) (residential power), 220V/230V/240V (single phase) (residential power)


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