500 Watt Halogen Floating Fountain Light Kit

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The 500 watt light kit comes with two 250 Watt, Stainless Steel, 120 Volt Submersible Lights c/w 1.5 m(4.9′) Cable, U Mount Bracket and connector. It also comes with Two Submersible Light Mount Kit with chosen length of hard usage cable to get to shore and connector at fountain.

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Submersible Lighting For Ponds & Lakes – 500 Watt Light Kit

Arbrux submersible lighting lets you extend the enjoyment of your water feature into the evening hours. Create a spectacular lighting effect by installing submersible lights on your floating fountain or aerator. The 500W lighting kit comes with two 250 watt high output halogen lamps to light up the water spray and provide drama and excitement at night.

Light fixtures have a swivel base, which allows for custom illumination of the spray pattern.  The housing is made of high quality stainless steel, which is fastened to the float of the fountain.  Optional additional colors are available in red, blue, green, and amber to make your floating fountain or aerator the center-piece of your pond or lake.

The 250 watt high output halogen lamp is designed with a low profile, allowing it to be placed in shallow water. It’s stainless steel case is built to last, and each Arbrux submersible light  goes through a series of rigorous tests. After functional and dielectric testing is done, we wet test all lights for 2 weeks, at a depth 10x their normal installation depth.

You can be confident that Arbrux submersible lights are safe to operate, easy to install, and will add a spectacular effect to your water feature! Aerator and Fountain light kits now available in LED. Learn more about the advantages of LED.

Additional information

Power Cord Length

49.2 feet(15m), 98.4 feet(30m), 147.6 feet(45m), 196.9 feet(60m), For longer lengths please request a quote with any length and specify length needed in additional information.

Available Power

110V/115V/120V (single phase) (residential power)


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