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Electronic Outdoor Thermostat/ Timer 120 Volt

CAD $67.98

Optional Arbrux Outdoor Thermostat for Deicers, Bubblers and Circulators. Thermostat, portable, 120 volt 15 amp, 3 degree Celsius/ 37 degree Fahrenheit.


Optional Arbrux Outdoor Thermostat/ Timer for Deicers, Bubblers and Circulators

Programmable electronic thermostat/ timer, 1800 W 1 HP Max, 15A, 120V.

The TI062 electronic timer/ thermostat can be used to control dock de-icer pumps in one of two ways. It can be used with temperature only control with a one minute off time per day or it can also be programmed for temperature control with a programmed run time per day (one on period per day). For multiple on/ off times per day then it can be used in conjunction with a timer that has that function.

A Thermostat can be used to control Deicer/ bubblers from running in the shoulder season when days are warmer to minimize electricity cost. In deicing, bubbler applications they can also be used to minimize run time in warmer weather to minimize size of opening in the lake ice. They simply plug into your receptacle or timer and then the deicer/ bubbler plugs into the thermostat for ease of installation.

The temperature sensor mode executes programming when the air temperature falls to 3 Celsius/37 Fahrenheit. Easy 3 button programming. Temporary override enables bypass, without affecting programming. Battery free backup.


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