Lake Bottom Mount Kit for horizontal circulation and shallow water deicing applications for 1/2 HP Deicer/Circulator

CAD $683.35

Horizontal Lake Bottom Mount Circulator shown with optional pump. Used for deicing, bubbling, circulation and weed control.


Horizontal Lake Bottom Mount Circulator

Arbrux Horizontal lake Bottom Mount Kit for water circulation when used with our Deicer/ Bubbler (Shown with Optional pump)

A Horizontal Lake bottom mount Circulator kit can be used to control the angle and direction of water flow of an Arbrux Deicer/ Bubbler(purchased separately). In deicing, bubbler applications they are used in deeper water and pointed towards the structure to be protected. They simply sit on the lake bottom once assembled and adjusted to point towards the structure to be protected. For water circulation in the summer it can be moved as necessary to circulate the water in areas needed.  This is a premium marine aluminum product that comes complete with all hardware to mount it on a lake bottom. Just clamp your existing Arbrux Deicer to it and you are ready to use it. Can also be used for the following lakefront needs; water circulator, thruster, muck blaster, lake weed removal, aquatic weeds to name a few. The primary purpose is targeted dock and boathouse deicing, bubbling in the winter but they also work very well for the above applications at a cost effective price.

Lake Mount Circulator

Shown with Pump available at extra cost


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