Horizontal & Vertical Mount Lake Bottom Circulator system

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Arbrux horizontal & Vertical mount lake circulator system


Arbrux Horizontal & Vertical Mount Lake Bottom Circulator system

This Arbrux horizontal & Vertical mount lake bottom circulator system comes complete with a pump and adjustable mount system. The lake bottom circulator pump is the same quality stainless steel motor and motor mount that you are used to from us. Our mount kit is adjustable to allow for pump flow from horizontal to approximately 20 degrees above horizontal and also vertical operation. The mount kit is made from marine grade aluminum and comes complete with oversized 1-1/4″ aluminum poles for strength. In deicing, bubbler applications this can be used to control the angle and direction of flow to control the direction of the ice opening and for shallow water applications. Or for summer time they can be used to control weeds, silt, sediment and algae. It simply is placed on the lake bottom and pointed in the desired direction of water flow. This is a premium marine aluminum product that comes complete with all hardware to mount the circulator pump. Just clamp the Arbrux Deicer/ Circulator pump to it and you are ready to use it. Can also be used for the following lakefront needs; water circulator, thruster, muck blaster, lake weed removal, aquatic weeds to name a few. The primary purpose is targeted dock and boathouse deicing, bubbling in the winter but they also work very well for the above applications at a cost effective price.

Benefits of installing an Arbrux Dock De-icer / Bubbler/ Circulator:

  1. Protect your boat, cottage dock, waterfront or marina from expensive ice damage.
  2. Protect your stocked ponds from winter fish kill.
  3. Improve waterfront water quality.
  4. Maintenance free.
  5. Easy installation.
  6. Premium materials used for durability.

Why should you choose an Arbrux Dock De-icer / Bubbler/ Circulator with mount kit?

The answer is simple. Our de-icers / bubblers/ Circulators use maintenance free stainless steel, water cooled, and water lubricated continuous duty motors. Many of our competitors use an oil filled aluminum motor requiring expensive regular maintenance. Competitor propellers typically are flexible nylon that break easily, while ours use a proprietary composite that has been impact tested with a steel bar while running with reduced risk of failure. Arbrux dock de-icers / bubblers/ Circulators also have a protective structure around the propeller that allows leaves and other small debris to pass through. Arbrux also manufactures industrial de-icers, capable of withstanding most ruthless winter conditions from the Northwest Territories to Alaska, in order to protect barges or power dams from ice. The toughest deicer just got tougher! Arbrux deicers / bubblers come with a motor mount made of welded stainless steel for increased strength and durability. Our mount kits come complete with everything you need to place on the lake bottom and are made with premium marine grade aluminum. Our competitors use steel hardware which is very heavy to move!

Features of Arbrux De-icers / Bubblers/ Circulators with Mount kit:

  • Powered by a stainless steel, water-cooled & water-lubricated submersible motor
  • 1.6 service factor means greater than 3/4 horsepower performance with a 1/2 horsepower rating.
  • Motor mount made of welded stainless steel for increased strength and durability
  • Strong durable propeller made from impact tested proprietary composite
  • Improved performance in shallow water
  • Large intake area to prevent fall leaf clogging
  • A 3-year warranty accompanies each de-icer / bubbler
  • Mount kit made from Marine grade aluminum

Additional information

Power Cord Length

24.6 feet(7.5m), 49.2 feet(15m), 98.4 feet(30m)

Available Power

110/115/120V(single phase)(residential power), 220/230/240V(single phase)(residential power)


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