Dock Ice Damage Protection

Thanksgiving weekend is almost upon us, signalling to many that snow-filled days are near.
Dock ice damage protection

Dock ice damage protection

While freshly fallen snow sure is beautiful, it also comes hand-in-hand with an unwelcome foe: ice! Ice damage can be a serious threat, capable of causing damage to lake houses, docks and boats if not properly prepared. Before the weather drops below freezing, be sure to check out Arbrux’  marine dock de-icer to help provide dock ice damage protection for your investment.

For many, Thanksgiving also means its time to close down the cottage. Follow these tips to help your cottage winterization move smoothly.

The Closed for Winter Cottage Checklist


  • Cover windows with plywood or thin sheet metal. By numbering each window with its corresponding labeled wood or metal cover, you can make this job much more efficient in the years to come.
  • After shutting off the water, drain the pipes by running the taps until the water stops flowing.
  • Remove all fire hazards from your property, such as paper, newspaper, old rags, and chemicals.
  • Clean and store outdoor furniture.
  • Drain small boats of any water and store them away with the motor.
  • Install Arbrux Dock Bubbler De-icers to protect your dock against harsh winter conditions.


  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen from top to bottom (including appliances) to avoid mildew and rodent infestation. Bring all perishable foods home.
  • Unplug and switch off the electrical source to the fridge and freezer. Prop doors open for proper ventilation.
  • Unplug other appliances such as coffee makers, toasters and microwaves. Ventilate your microwave by leaving the door ajar.

Living room and bedrooms

  • Store linens, blankets, pillows and bedspreads in a dry place, ideally sealed in plastic bags or bins.
  • Leave inside doors open to allow air circulation throughout the cottage.
  • Ensure you close the flue in your fireplace. If possible, seal off with a metal cap to prevent small animals from entering.


  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom to avoid mildew.