Arbrux Dock Bubbler Systems

We make our propeller driven  dock bubbler systems to last because protecting your dock is important. They use stainless steel motors, mounts and power cables that remain flexible in extremely cold conditions.

Dock Bubbler Systems

Deicers/ Bubblers top view

Arbrux dock bubbler systems for dock and boathouse de-icing have the following features:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Good shallow water performance
  • Low running amperage
  • Move large volumes of water
  • A larger intake area to prevent fall leaf clogging
  • 1.6 service factor which means they produce 0.8 horsepower
  • Stainless steel motor and mount
  • Flexible power cable
  • Come with two ropes to fasten to dock
  • Stainless motor mount allows for customer supplied cable or chain mounting
  • Made in Canada

Protect your outdoor waterfront assets from expensive winter ice damage with dock Bubbler systems. Arbrux de-icers / bubblers are made in Canada and have been proven reliable in harsh Canadian winters. The high speed propeller brings the warmer, deep water to the 
surface creating open water. In most cases an Arbrux de-icer / bubbler is placed at a 5-foot depth and will keep a 40-foot circle of water ice free during extremely cold temperatures. They are inexpensive insurance to help prevent against winter ice damage. Arbrux de-icers / bubblers protect against a variety of winter threats including ice damage to docks, boats, and marinas, as well as winter fish kill. You should always follow local rules for safety when creating openings in the water during the winter months and clearly mark the area to warn others of open ice.

Benefits of installing an Arbrux Dock De-icer / Bubbler:

  • Protect your boat, cottage dock, boathouse and marina from expensive ice damage.
  • Protect your stocked ponds from winter fish kill
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy installation