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Arbrux Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of Floating Lake Fountains, Pond Aerators, and Lake Deicers and Lake Bubblers. Our products are quality engineered, using stainless steel submersible motors and tough / durable propellers – the result is a low maintenance, long-lasting Lake Fountain, Pond Aerator, and marine Bubbler / De-icer. Buy direct from the manufacturer and save costs. We supply Lake Fountains and Pond Aerators to Community Property Associations, Municipal Parks Departments, Home and Cottage Owners, Golf Courses.. and more. Our Bubblers / De-icers are used by Cottage and boat owners for protecting docks, boats, and boathouses from ice damage. And our heavy duty industrial De-icers are used by the oil & gas industry, manufacturers, the mining industry, and other commercial plants.. to protect water intake screens, promote evaporation in ponds, and to keep ice from submerged structures. Let’s talk about your requirements and find the right solution for you. We offer complete packages including the accessories you need; lighting kits, thermostats, timers.

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